4 Innovative Ways Of Taking Your Fitness Routines Outdoors


While some people prefer working out indoors, others would rather work out outdoors, and for a good reason. There is a world of distinct exercising opportunities to be found outdoors. However, if you have gotten used to your indoor work out routines, you might be hesitant of where to begin with your transition out of the doors. After all, the equipment you use for indoor exercising is always readily available and the climate is also consistent. Fear not! Here are some exciting activities you can take part in outdoors that proof you do not need that treadmill machine or even your weight bench for a great work out.

Swap your working lunch for a walk and work

Do you have something you want to discuss with a business partner or work colleague? Instead of holding your discussions over a meal inside your business meeting, simply have a walking meeting. This way, you will be swapping a high calorie meal for extra calories burned. And if you are thinking a walking meeting will hurt productivity, think again. It actually does the opposite.

Spending time outdoors walking actually sharpens thinking, improves concentration and short-term memory, relieves stress, and also restores mental energy. What meeting wouldn’t benefit from these boosts? Walking according to skilled and knowledgeable personal trainer in Kingsford significantly improves innovativeness. This has been supported by a recent study which found that a person’s creative output noticeably increased by around 60% when walking outdoors.

Take part in outdoor yoga

There is nothing as satisfying as an outdoor yoga according to its aficionadas. Many yoga meditations and flow routines can easily be adapted for nature. In fact, you will find a majority of them better suited outdoors. So embrace the sounds and sights of your surroundings and integrate them into your practice. For instance, use wind to help deepen the breath instead of seeing it as an annoyance. Try out sand or grass in place of a mat under your feet for an additional challenge and better balance practice.

From getting powerful boosts of Vitamin D from the sun, to finding inspiration in nature, being outdoors takes your yoga practice up a notch. Best of all, once you have completed your routines, you are able to seamlessly move onto other exercises like walking, playing a favourite outdoor game, and much more.

Distance or interval walking

Walking might be the first thing that comes into your mind when working out outdoors. Let’s take this to another level. Because you are no longer on a treadmill, simply utilize your surroundings as an excellent tool to keep you interested and motivated. How do you go about it? Well, start with a warm up of moderate walking for a few minutes, then alternate all this with high impact walking and recovery walking in equal measures.

Regardless of whether you are biking, running, jogging or even walking, utilize the surrounding landmarks like blocks of houses or streets to count so as to build your intervals. A brisk walk to the ‘next block’ could be much easier than watching the time tick on your treadmill.

Park bench body-weight routines

When most people think of working out outdoors, the ideas that pop into mind include hiking, biking, running or walking. However, you do not have to limit yourself to cardio workouts alone. You can get just as an effective strength-training workout outside as well. All you require for this kind of a workout is an ordinary park bench. Utilize your bodyweight as resistance. If you can, add items such as kettle bells, weighted balls, dump bells, etc, in your workout. Workouts to try are such as Bulgarian lunges, declined or inclined push ups, tow foot jumps, step-ups, tricep dips, squats, seated leg raises, and the like.

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