A Simple Guide For Making Your Office Space Healthier


People who work full time usually spend eight or nine hours in the office working hard to earn for their living. Under such circumstances, it becomes quite difficult to focus on health. Mere ignorance leads to different problems that have a very long lasting effect. It’s important to put special emphasis on adopting a healthy lifestyle and make every possible effort to look after the health. For instance, if you spend more time on the computer, it can affect not only your eyesight but your posture as well that later leads to migraines. Long sitting periods can also affect your metabolism and mental health. Here are five simple tips and techniques in making the office space a healthier one for your mind and body:

Prefer standing than sitting

A standing desk serves many benefits for your physical and mental health. Once you are standing, it makes you mobile and takes the strain off the neck and back. One can easily burn more calories while standing. Standing gives you more mobility options as compared to the limited mobility offered by a rolling chair. Most personal trainers believe that standing for a long time decreases the possible chances of diabetes and cancer.

Reposition your monitor

Most people complain about strain in their neck when they stare at a computer screen. If you experience the same problem, then it is high time that you reposition your monitor. You need to ensure that your eyes are at the same level as the top of the monitor. Furthermore, the monitor should be pushed back in a way that it maintains an arm distance from where you are standing or sitting.

Use stress ball frequently

Stress ball can do wonders at your workplace and it can make you relax during a stressful day. Once you use it frequently, you will see that it can really alleviate stress and tension and can make you well relax even on a high-long-anxiety day. Stress balls are known for enhancing blood circulation and assist in the treatment of carpal-tunnel syndrome. They are a quite popular tool for meditation.

Prefer taking frequent breaks

Even if you are having a bad day at your office, do not hesitate in take a few minutes off from your work and breathe in fresh air. It is important because it will assist in increasing your blood flow and you will be able to breathe in some unadulterated oxygen. Spending some time in fresh air will assist you in working out a problem as well. The easiest thing to set your alarm on phone that can remind you about the time to take a break.

Bring nature into your office

In case you are not in a position to leave your office quite frequently and take some fresh air, there is nothing to worry about. You will always have an option to bring the Mother Nature in your office or cubicle. A nice sun lamp on your desk can be a good source of Vitamin D which is ideal for your physical and mental health. You can also decorate your work place with some nice indoor plants and add some color to your boring cubicle. According to a recent research, it was found that having indoor plants in an office can increase the productivity level up to fifteen percent.

Remember, that your mental and physical health is of prime importance for you and for your employer. If you find yourself feeling lethargic or sick after a hectic working day, you must look for ways to make your workplace healthier to your body and mind. Of course, you should also work with personal trainers in Randwick after office hours so that with all the benefits you gain during your fitness training, you will return to the workplace on each working day feeling healthy to start with!

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