Working Out To Gain Weight?

The vast majority of people who go to a gym do so in order to lose weight. However, there is a significant proportion of people who also want to gain some muscle as well. If you fall into the latter category, you might need to be more careful about how you go about managing your workout schedules. Losing weight and gaining weight are two very different things, and you will therefore need to use different approaches to gain the amount of weight you want. Some of the steps you might need to follow include:

Do a medical checkup

When you are very skinny, eat a lot, have a generally healthy appetite but are still not gaining weight, you may need to get a medical review before you can start hitting the gym. There are a number of things that can lead to this state of affairs including hyperthyroidism, and correcting them will make it much easier for you to gain weight in a gym.

This is not a common step for most people who want to gain weight by working out, but it can be used as a way of investigating why you are not gaining weight even if you are doing everything that needs to be done to facilitate this. In addition to that, you may also need to consult a dietician who may advise you on the types of food you need to eat in order to gain weight. This is usually customized depending on the type of body you have.

Consult a personal trainer

It’s easy for you to go to the gym, pick up a couple of weights and then start lifting them. However, you also need to remember that just as is the case with many other things in life, there is a technical side to gaining weight in the gym. You will need to gradually increase the weights you lift, and you will also need to make sure that every time you work out your muscles are pushed to the absolute limit.

In addition to that, you also need to set goals that you will need to check your progress against. The only way to do all this is by working with a personal trainer who understands the physiology of working out, and who can therefore help you get it done well. Of course, for best results, you need to ensure that the personal trainer in South Coogee has a lot of experience in the field, and should also probably be trained in the field.

Watch what you eat

When working out to lose weight, the goal is to reduce your calorie intake compared to how much you burn in the gym. When you want to gain weight, however, the opposite is true. You may need to eat slightly more than you burn, so that you have more energy for a thorough workout the next time you go to the gym. In addition to that, you also have to make sure that what you are eating is helping your muscles. Consuming foods that are rich in protein but which also have a balanced diet is ideal. Once again, a good personal trainer will be very effective in helping you figure this out.

Reasonable expectations

The number one reason why many people give up on going to the gym or working out is because they have unreasonable expectations. If you weigh 90 pounds, for instance, you should not expect to gain 30 pounds within a week of intense workouts. Consult your personal trainer on what is and what is not possible, and then use this as a guide to help you figure out if you are getting anywhere.


4 Innovative Ways Of Taking Your Fitness Routines Outdoors

While some people prefer working out indoors, others would rather work out outdoors, and for a good reason. There is a world of distinct exercising opportunities to be found outdoors. However, if you have gotten used to your indoor work out routines, you might be hesitant of where to begin with your transition out of the doors. After all, the equipment you use for indoor exercising is always readily available and the climate is also consistent. Fear not! Here are some exciting activities you can take part in outdoors that proof you do not need that treadmill machine or even your weight bench for a great work out.

Swap your working lunch for a walk and work

Do you have something you want to discuss with a business partner or work colleague? Instead of holding your discussions over a meal inside your business meeting, simply have a walking meeting. This way, you will be swapping a high calorie meal for extra calories burned. And if you are thinking a walking meeting will hurt productivity, think again. It actually does the opposite.

Spending time outdoors walking actually sharpens thinking, improves concentration and short-term memory, relieves stress, and also restores mental energy. What meeting wouldn’t benefit from these boosts? Walking according to skilled and knowledgeable personal trainer in Kingsford significantly improves innovativeness. This has been supported by a recent study which found that a person’s creative output noticeably increased by around 60% when walking outdoors.

Take part in outdoor yoga

There is nothing as satisfying as an outdoor yoga according to its aficionadas. Many yoga meditations and flow routines can easily be adapted for nature. In fact, you will find a majority of them better suited outdoors. So embrace the sounds and sights of your surroundings and integrate them into your practice. For instance, use wind to help deepen the breath instead of seeing it as an annoyance. Try out sand or grass in place of a mat under your feet for an additional challenge and better balance practice.

From getting powerful boosts of Vitamin D from the sun, to finding inspiration in nature, being outdoors takes your yoga practice up a notch. Best of all, once you have completed your routines, you are able to seamlessly move onto other exercises like walking, playing a favourite outdoor game, and much more.

Distance or interval walking

Walking might be the first thing that comes into your mind when working out outdoors. Let’s take this to another level. Because you are no longer on a treadmill, simply utilize your surroundings as an excellent tool to keep you interested and motivated. How do you go about it? Well, start with a warm up of moderate walking for a few minutes, then alternate all this with high impact walking and recovery walking in equal measures.

Regardless of whether you are biking, running, jogging or even walking, utilize the surrounding landmarks like blocks of houses or streets to count so as to build your intervals. A brisk walk to the ‘next block’ could be much easier than watching the time tick on your treadmill.

Park bench body-weight routines

When most people think of working out outdoors, the ideas that pop into mind include hiking, biking, running or walking. However, you do not have to limit yourself to cardio workouts alone. You can get just as an effective strength-training workout outside as well. All you require for this kind of a workout is an ordinary park bench. Utilize your bodyweight as resistance. If you can, add items such as kettle bells, weighted balls, dump bells, etc, in your workout. Workouts to try are such as Bulgarian lunges, declined or inclined push ups, tow foot jumps, step-ups, tricep dips, squats, seated leg raises, and the like.


What Makes An Ideal Group Fitness Training Instructor?

There are a number of factors involved in making a group fitness training session a successful one. Being an instructor you will agree that proper training, discipline and planning makes the class more motivating and encouraging. Over the period of time, you would have experienced to see a group of people standing in front you in which most of them do not want to be there. They have different set of priorities and would have preferred to be eating or shopping somewhere with their friends.

A good instructor is the one who reads their mind in the first place and then motivates them to come out and keep going when they wish to quit. He possesses a specific talent which takes years of experience to cultivate. If the instructor fails to plan properly and has no idea what he has been asking his trainees to do, you would see people burning their calories by cranking their head towards the wall clock to check when this madness would end.

If you have a plan to enroll for group fitness training in Randwick, make sure you look for the following qualities in your instructor:

He is confident

Good instructors usually begin with setting the music, going in front of the class followed by an introduction with a smile on his face and a proper eye contact. This may seem quite pointless in the beginning but it is the instructor who sets the tone of the entire workout. If the instructor is disinterested, rushed, flustered, nervous or simply not confident, the participants will feel quite demotivated. They start giving a second thought about whether to proceed with the training sessions or not. Remember, people always have a lot better things to do than to attend a boring unstructured exercise class and they always look out for an excuse.

He gives quality instructions to his students

This is important because it helps in building tone and stretching the right body parts. Students find it easy to move rhythmically throughout the workout session. An inexperienced or unskilled instructor would begin by turning on the music and say, ‘Here we go! Start! Come on! Move! Go left, go right! Move your leg up! You can do it, C’mon! Turn around!’ This may sound funny in the beginning but this is a glimpse of just five seconds in the class. Contrary to this, a skilled instructor would teach people the right muscles to use and engage,, such as their core, by not just saying, ‘Contract your core!’ The beginners certainly have no idea where and what their core muscles are and how they can activate them.

He knows how to cue

Many people think that it is quite easy to teach and one can start off with 1, 2, 3. This is the biggest sign of an unskilled and untrained instructor. The students tend to get annoyed when the instructor starts with the lower number and then goes forward. He calls to start jumping jacks and begins shouting, “1, 2, 3…” This gives a feeling of an open ended exercise where students fail to visualize the end. This stimulates the feeling of ‘I can’t do it’ among the students. The skilled instructor knows this psyche and therefore starts to count ‘backwards’.

He helps students to communicate

An outstanding instructor helps his students in communicating with each other to break the ice. This is how the students feel well connected with each other as they begin to learn each other’s ‘spots’. Soon you would see students calling others to rush to the class. They may even begin a phone tree or a Facebook group where they encourage their fellow fitness recruits so that even the most ambitious fitness goals can be achieved.


A Simple Guide For Making Your Office Space Healthier

People who work full time usually spend eight or nine hours in the office working hard to earn for their living. Under such circumstances, it becomes quite difficult to focus on health. Mere ignorance leads to different problems that have a very long lasting effect. It’s important to put special emphasis on adopting a healthy lifestyle and make every possible effort to look after the health. For instance, if you spend more time on the computer, it can affect not only your eyesight but your posture as well that later leads to migraines. Long sitting periods can also affect your metabolism and mental health. Here are five simple tips and techniques in making the office space a healthier one for your mind and body:

Prefer standing than sitting

A standing desk serves many benefits for your physical and mental health. Once you are standing, it makes you mobile and takes the strain off the neck and back. One can easily burn more calories while standing. Standing gives you more mobility options as compared to the limited mobility offered by a rolling chair. Most personal trainers believe that standing for a long time decreases the possible chances of diabetes and cancer.

Reposition your monitor

Most people complain about strain in their neck when they stare at a computer screen. If you experience the same problem, then it is high time that you reposition your monitor. You need to ensure that your eyes are at the same level as the top of the monitor. Furthermore, the monitor should be pushed back in a way that it maintains an arm distance from where you are standing or sitting.

Use stress ball frequently

Stress ball can do wonders at your workplace and it can make you relax during a stressful day. Once you use it frequently, you will see that it can really alleviate stress and tension and can make you well relax even on a high-long-anxiety day. Stress balls are known for enhancing blood circulation and assist in the treatment of carpal-tunnel syndrome. They are a quite popular tool for meditation.

Prefer taking frequent breaks

Even if you are having a bad day at your office, do not hesitate in take a few minutes off from your work and breathe in fresh air. It is important because it will assist in increasing your blood flow and you will be able to breathe in some unadulterated oxygen. Spending some time in fresh air will assist you in working out a problem as well. The easiest thing to set your alarm on phone that can remind you about the time to take a break.

Bring nature into your office

In case you are not in a position to leave your office quite frequently and take some fresh air, there is nothing to worry about. You will always have an option to bring the Mother Nature in your office or cubicle. A nice sun lamp on your desk can be a good source of Vitamin D which is ideal for your physical and mental health. You can also decorate your work place with some nice indoor plants and add some color to your boring cubicle. According to a recent research, it was found that having indoor plants in an office can increase the productivity level up to fifteen percent.

Remember, that your mental and physical health is of prime importance for you and for your employer. If you find yourself feeling lethargic or sick after a hectic working day, you must look for ways to make your workplace healthier to your body and mind. Of course, you should also work with personal trainers in Randwick after office hours so that with all the benefits you gain during your fitness training, you will return to the workplace on each working day feeling healthy to start with!


Tips On Injury Prevention During Personal Training

You may have started enthusiastically on your personal training program but after a few sessions, you find yourself sidelined because of a fitness injury. Some of these injuries may look quite insignificant in the beginning but can lead to disastrous results if they are ignored for a long time. Therefore, it is really important that you should take precautionary steps to avoid a premature end to your personal training. Here are some tips that can keep injuries at bay:

Stretching before and after the workout


When you stretch your muscles before warming up, it helps to increase your flexibility and prepare you for the workout routines that can follow later on. Flexibility can also help you perform better during your workout sessions and can minimize the chances of injuries. It is recommended to stretch all your muscles after performing the workouts too so that you can prepare your muscles for recovery after the personal training session.


Before you begin any workout, it is imperative to warm up adequately so that your muscles and the surrounding tissues receive sufficient nutrients and blood to perform any required task as you exercise. In serious cases, those who skip warm-up sessions can end up tearing their muscles, and this can be really painful. Furthermore, injured muscles take a lot of time to heal and rest, potentially causing you to discontinue your exercise routines.

Thinking what’s considered an adequate warm-up session? Well, if you do at least ten minutes of cardio routines such as running or jumping can help to improve your blood circulation and prepare you for more intensive workouts during personal training.

Hydrating yourself

Hydration is important for your workout sessions. Not drinking sufficient water before and during your exercise is just like driving your car with an empty fuel tank. Before you even realize, you can damage your internal organs if you do not keep yourself hydrated.

Nutrition and diets

Nutrition has the same principle as hydration. During the workout, the body accesses the fat cells as energy reserves. However, if you do not have sufficient glycogen available in your body muscles, you will surely get your muscles injured. The tearing of muscle can be very painful during an exercise as they take a lot of time to heal. Therefore, it is imperative that you take special care of your diet to avoid such situations. Personal trainers usually recommend opting for a post-workout diet high in protein which can help in repairing any muscle fiber damage and pre-workout carb consumption to keep yourself fit.

Resting adequately

Many trainers are against over training and usually recommend taking at least one day off every week. If you have just personal training, there is a chance that you feel more exhausted and extremely sore. To avoid any sort of intense physical discomforts, it is better to take a break so that you do not overburden your body. You should also consult a local physician if you are experiencing any serious condition.

All in all, always remember that the human body is just like a machine and it has its own set of requirements to run and work perfectly. Just like any machine, it needs proper input, diligent maintenance, proper operations and of course downtime to avoid overheating. Ignoring these important factors can do harm to your body. It is always better if you know your limitations and listen to your body.

In addition, if you work with highly experienced personal trainers in Kingsford, they will make sure that you get the best fitness and injury prevention advice. They will also monitor your progress closely during the personal training session so that you can minimize the chances of injuries under their watchful eyes.


The Importance Of Exercise Programming For Your Personal Training

If you attend a gym or engage in personal training sessions in Kingsford, one of the issues you will have to deal with is how to ensure that it benefits you in the best way possible. This is something that many individuals have a problem with. It’s important to note that without the right planning and the help of experienced personal trainers, you are likely to end up wasting time doing the exercises which do not yield you visible results. To prevent this, reputable personal trainers have emphasized on the importance of doing exercise programming for your personal training sessions.

What is exercise programming?

6731328707_f750794db9In a nutshell, exercise programming is the process of creating a plan for what you will do during your personal training sessions. There are many different exercises you can take on, and each of these will have different effects. If you engage in most of them without a plan, you are likely to end up having very slow progress, or not getting any progress at all. This is why it’s important to ensure that you design a plan that will help you attain your goals in the fastest time possible, and in the safest way possible as well. In many cases, you can also use this plan to help gauge your fitness progress.

How do you do exercise programming?

If you are interested in coming up with such a plan, it’s usually advisable to get the help of a personal trainer. The fact that they have a lot of experience in the field means that they are in a better position to determine which exercise combinations are better for a particular desired outcome. For instance, if your problem is how to lose weight rather than gaining muscle, your exercise programming should focus on activities that will help burn calories as fast as possible, and maintain a low level of muscle growth so that you don’t gain weight. If you work with a personal trainer, they can help you identify some of these exercises.

Best practices for exercise programming

The ideal exercise program should have a time frame of around 4 months. In addition to that, it should also be designed in such a manner that the difficulty of the exercises increases with time, so that you don’t end up plateauing on the same types of exercise. It’s also important to ensure that you pick a program that you can actually stick with. For instance, if you happen to be out of shape and know that you will have difficulty in handling some of the more intense exercises, it would not be wise to develop a program that will have very tough exercises in the beginning.

Using personal training to lose weight is something that you need to be serious about if you want to benefit from visible results. Using exercise programming to your advantage is one of those things that you should definitely do if you want to excel. The best way to come up with one is by teaming up with a high quality team that offers personal training in Kingsford.

Today, instead of relying on gyms only, many people in Kingsford are working with independent personal trainers to keep them in shape today through group training sessions. This often turns out to be very good value for money since they ensure that you lose the amount of weight that you want to lose quickly and safely, and you have the motivation of others in the group to push you on. Because it’s group training, the cost of such personal training sessions is lower but the effectiveness isn’t too far away from one-on-one personal training sessions.


How You Can Lose Weight With Personal Training

There are many motivations for people who want to lose weight fast. However, the number of methods that can be used to attain this goal is usually very small. Of course, you will often come across many methods that are said to be effective and quick. However, the safest and most effective way to lose weight usually requires patience and consistency on your part, and often involves exercise and diet control.

Of course, there are things you can do to increase the rate at which you can lose the weight, and your chances of success. One of these is by working with a personal trainer in Kingsford to help you out. Most people who set out to lose weight by working out usually end up being disappointed simply because they don’t go about it in the correct manner. Getting a personal trainer will be hugely beneficial in the following ways:

Personal trainers will help you set reasonable weight loss goals


If you want to start working out in order to lose weight, you will need to set goals. People who start out too enthusiastic often set goals that are not realistic, and end up either hurting themselves or becoming disappointed. When you work with a personal trainer, you are more likely to get a sense of what is and what is not possible with regards to your personal weight loss. As a result, it will be easier for you to set goals that you can actually attain. This is usually done by an assessment by the personal trainer before they can come up with a training regimen.

You tend to be more motivated

The most important factor determining the chances of success for someone looking to lose weight is how motivated they are. When you have enough motivation and drive, you are likely to go through with all your plans, even in the long term. This will translate to a higher chance of meeting and even exceeding your goals. When you work with a quality personal trainer, they will be the source of this motivation, which makes them very good value for money.

You get an objective view about your progress

It’s usually a good idea to know what your progress is when you are working out to lose weight, so that you can know how to modify the regimen to make it more effective. When you have a personal trainer, it is much easier to get this information since they will provide it. Information coming from them is unlikely to be biased, which means that you can rely on it to make decisions such as whether to modify your training or continue with it as it is.

This is a very important benefit owing to the fact that different people’s bodies respond differently to exercise. When you can gauge your progress properly, it becomes much easier for you to identify a form of exercise that you can actually benefit from. Sometimes, this will turn out to be very different from the regular forms of exercise you might be used to.

Personal trainers help you lose weight faster

When thinking of losing weight, most people are usually apprehensive about working with personal trainers since they are often thought of as a waste of money. This is far from the truth. However, if you find an experienced trainer, you will find that they are actually a very good investment since they will help you achieve your weight loss goals in a shorter amount of time.

If you want to know more about how personal training can effectively shed pounds off, talk to us today and let us share some success stories with you!



belly-fatEveryone holds fat in different areas because its your unique hormonal profile that controls metabolism & also fat distribution. Unfortunately, you cant really ‘spot’ exercise’, but with the right guidance, you can certainly ‘spot treat’ by looking at all the various factors affecting your hormones. This means reviewing your food, as well as considering the kind of exercise you’re doing regularly. Here are a few tips for fixing those jiggly bits.
THIGHS Leg fat is often due to oestrogen dominance or low progesterone. Avoid highly oestrogenic foods, such as soy products and flax seed, as well as alcohol and sugars, which encourage oestrogen dominance. Green veggies in particular are good at helping shift the weight in this area. Swap spin classes and slow cardio for interval training and do plenty of unilateral work (one-leg squats, lunges, ect).
STOMACH Weight carried around here is often due to too much cortisol (the stress hormone), insulin resistance and slower than usual thyroid function. Ditch stimulants, including sugars, caffeine, alcohol and packaged foods, such as dairy, salt and wheat. Take a fish oil supplement with meals and eat good fats (avocado, eggs, seeds, lean organic meats, coconut oil) every day, as these directly help to shift tummy fat. Training wise get into weights and interval based cardio.
LOVE HADLES AND BACK FAT If your holding weight in these two areas, its likely your eating more carbohydrates than your body can handle. Trim back sugar, alcohol, breads, pasta & rice and stick to small serves of whole grains. Also eat good quality protein, healthy fat or fibrous veggies with each meal, rather than stocking up on carbs. Fast, fat-burning circuits and upper torso work should help smooth out the rest.
ARMS ‘Tuckshop lady’ arms can often be a sign of low testosterone, which can be due to lack of sleep, not eating enough protein, or incorrect training (too much moderate intensity cardio, not enough resistance work). Include a small serve of protein with each meal, cut out packaged foods and try more circuit training.