belly-fatEveryone holds fat in different areas because its your unique hormonal profile that controls metabolism & also fat distribution. Unfortunately, you cant really ‘spot’ exercise’, but with the right guidance, you can certainly ‘spot treat’ by looking at all the various factors affecting your hormones. This means reviewing your food, as well as considering the kind of exercise you’re doing regularly. Here are a few tips for fixing those jiggly bits.
THIGHS Leg fat is often due to oestrogen dominance or low progesterone. Avoid highly oestrogenic foods, such as soy products and flax seed, as well as alcohol and sugars, which encourage oestrogen dominance. Green veggies in particular are good at helping shift the weight in this area. Swap spin classes and slow cardio for interval training and do plenty of unilateral work (one-leg squats, lunges, ect).
STOMACH Weight carried around here is often due to too much cortisol (the stress hormone), insulin resistance and slower than usual thyroid function. Ditch stimulants, including sugars, caffeine, alcohol and packaged foods, such as dairy, salt and wheat. Take a fish oil supplement with meals and eat good fats (avocado, eggs, seeds, lean organic meats, coconut oil) every day, as these directly help to shift tummy fat. Training wise get into weights and interval based cardio.
LOVE HADLES AND BACK FAT If your holding weight in these two areas, its likely your eating more carbohydrates than your body can handle. Trim back sugar, alcohol, breads, pasta & rice and stick to small serves of whole grains. Also eat good quality protein, healthy fat or fibrous veggies with each meal, rather than stocking up on carbs. Fast, fat-burning circuits and upper torso work should help smooth out the rest.
ARMS ‘Tuckshop lady’ arms can often be a sign of low testosterone, which can be due to lack of sleep, not eating enough protein, or incorrect training (too much moderate intensity cardio, not enough resistance work). Include a small serve of protein with each meal, cut out packaged foods and try more circuit training.

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