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Group training is one of the most exciting, energetic and fun ways to lose weight, get in shape and improve your strength, agility, flexibility and overall range of motion. Green Fitness Group Training sessions are specifically developed to help you enhance your fitness level – while having some fun! Group training One hour in duration, Green Fitness Group Training sessions start with a functional mobility warm-up that free any restricted area and ensure reduced injury risk and continue onto either suspension training, power bags, kettlebells and battle rope training ensuring variety, variability and safe, efficient techniques. All of the exercises are developed by our team of professional fitness experts and are designed to continually improve your Mobility, Strength Agility, Flexibility and Fitness level.

Group Training - Green FitnessWe believe that the key to success is being inspired and motivated to embrace the chance, so we strive to create an environment that’s supportive and challenging at the same time. Green Fitness Group Training sessions operate with the help of flow drills – non-stop work outs with rapid transitions from one exercise to another, HIIT- focusing on higher intensities (loads) and consistent performance, HVIT- is focused upon high work rates(volume) using body weight or lower- intensities of exercise. Circuits- Variety of exercise and movement patterns that get you lean, strong and extremely mobile. Ladder circuits- Designed to improve strength. Our programs are developed specifically to continually challenge you week to week and help you improve on a constant basis.

Green Fitness group sessions are an hour in duration and they start with functional mobility warmups freeing up any restricted areas by addressing key areas of the body hip, thoracic- lumber and shoulder areas. This allows clients to perform the dynamic, technical movements like the kettlebell swings, deadlifts, snatches and battle rope movements. The warm up process ensures reduced risk to injury. All of the warmups follow myofacial release using foam rollers to assist freeing up those restricted areas discussed earlier.
Green fitness then follows the functional mobility warmups with body weight application using suspension training, power bag exercises, development of functional strength using kettlebell covering essential components of fitness, cardio, strength and mobility. Then there is the use of dynamic function using battle ropes.
Group Fitness with Green fitness is never a chore, its always dynamic, challenging and fun. WE are designed to move freely and as a whole movement so this is how we train allowing you to loose weight, tone up and feel good along the way.In society we have so many choices, from selecting the wright type of bread to what milk to purchase, to what type of training to undertake.

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Why not make it: The Green Fitness Group Training way

  • Dynamic- Methods that have variety, variability and safe, efficient technique
  • Challenging- Building the strength and skill of clients with progressive and varied methods
  • Fun: building on games, activities that promote laughter, team building and healthy competition
  • Group sessions are programed with different program types allowing clients to be continually challenged week to week.
  • We use flow drills- which are non stop work out with each transition flowing to the next. The key focus is on sill acquisition, multiple movement patterns and aerobic and anaerobic systems.
  • Ladders- Designed to improve strength and muscular endurance. Results May Vary
  • Circuit training- Variety of exercise principles and equipment used to complete a full body workout improving strength, flexibility, anaerobic and anaerobic systems.
  • HIIT based programs- These are anaerobic based aimed at elevating the heart rate and increase fat loss and cardio respiratory systems. Results May Vary
  • Tone up, lose weight and enhance your overall fitness level – all, while feeling great and having fun with our Group Training sessions!