Privacy Policy

The below furnished Privacy Policy describes how Green Fitness takes the privacy of the viewers and service acquirers and what are the possible steps taken by the company.

Internet has made people much more exposed to the global scams and keeping that mind, we have designed the privacy policy of our company. We respect the privacy of the individuals and leave no stone unturned to protect that by all means.

The privacy policy stated below concentrates on the core process of how the personal details from the individuals are collected and how the details are used for the betterment of the service.

What information we collect

We collect a few personal information that are solely used for improving the service and knowing the latest trends that are followed by the people and most importantly, what is being appreciated about us by the visitors. We collect a few details about the individuals that are kept absolutely confidential and are used only by us. Here are the basic personal details that we ask for:<,/p>

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact no.
  • Email id

It is to be stated that the policy strictly follows the guidelines and all the above details are provided by the individuals voluntarily. We do not use cookies to track the origin of the visitors and their personal details.

The usage of the details

First of all, only few selected people have the access to the database where the details are kept. We do not share the details with anybody and neither does everyone have the access to the database. The personal details about individuals are not shared with any third party at any cost and not even those are used for any promotional purposes. Only authorized personnel from Green Fitness have the access to the details.

We take proper care of the details and those are stored in our secret database. These are solely utilized for the improvement of the service and after a certain period of time, the details are removed from the system. We also use them to track the previous browsing details of an individual. The database is scanned after regular interval in order to prevent malware attacks.