Nina MacDonald


” I have been a gym member for a number of years but I was lacking motivation and looking for a new challenge.I started coming to Green Fitness as I had a holiday coming up and was looking to feel a bit healthier and maybe drop a few pounds!I really enjoy the small group classes and hope it will be a long term thing. The timings suit me perfectly, I am completing exercises I haven’t completed previously in a fun and welcoming environment. The sessions fly by, and it’s great to be outdoors – they are tough but you feel amazing afterwards.Shane has really helped get my enthusiasm about training back and is very helpful with diet advice, its making a difference already!Thanks Shane!”

Tegan Stanfield


” I started training with Green Fitness about 6 weeks ago and I love it. I would generally go to the gym a few times a week but I felt like I needed a change and a new challenge! Unlike the crowded gym with the same classes and routines the outdoor bootcamp covers a variety of exercises ranging from cardio to weight training to boxing with the added bonus of being out in the fresh air.Shane really pushes you to go that little bit further or lift that little bit heavier..and don’t I know it the next day!It has definitely been the new challenge I was looking for!”

Marios and Alex


” We have been training with Green fitness for 5 months and have noticed a dramatic increase in our fitness, strength and flexibility. While it is possible to get a gym membership and exercise ourselves, this tactic has failed every year for the last 3 years because we just stop going after a couple of weeks.Training with Green Fitness is different because the training is personalised and supportive, and unlike a big gym the trainers actually care about improving your health and fitness rather than just trying to sign you up for a year. The sessions are well planned, comprehensively cover many aspects of your fitness and they vary each week to keep things interesting.Green Fitness has provided us with invaluable motivation and fitness knowledge that has kept us coming back and recommending it to our family and friends.”

Mark Cerasi


” I first started training with Shane in January of 2015. I wanted to get back in to some bootcamp style fitness that I had previously enjoyed. Shane clearly explained the benefits of his small group classes that he thought would fit my lifestyle. After my first class I knew this was right for me! Shane has a friendly and welcoming presence in all his classes so everyone, not matter what level of fitness, can work to their own strengths and build towards their goals. Whether you want to really burn fat, stay in shape or make the next step towards a personal goal, you will find your place in Shane’s class (and quickly too!)But more than this I quickly found out that unlike other PT’s or GYM memberships, Shane is more than happy to offer his advice on everything from extra work outs to healthy meals. You don’t feel like just another number which is what I really love. You feel like you are getting a great personal service and the results are there for me to see.I would strongly recommend trying out his classes. You’ve got nothing to lose except a few kilos!”

Lauren Serhan


” Green fitness is helping me get fit and ready for me wedding. The strength training has given me greater core strength along with better balance, which is an area I struggle. Boxing sessions are by far my favourite. Shane has corrected my technique and now thoroughly enjoy it. I had never boxed before joining Green fitness and now love it.I genuinely recommend Green fitness to anyone who wants to take the next step and take his or he body to the next level.”

Tessa Lawrence


” I started doing the bootcamp training sessions with Shane about 8 weeks ago. I was a little hesitant at first as I hadn’t done much training for quite some time and was worried I wouldn’t be fit enough. However I quickly learnt during the first session that the training caters for all fitness levels.The training is really challenging to your own fitness level and Shane changes up the routine which keeps it interesting and enjoyable. It is a really fun and friendly environment.Over the past 8 weeks I have noticed my fitness level has definitely increased and I now find training really enjoyable and look forward to my sessions each week.Shane is a very friendly approachable guy and is really knowledgeable. He is quick to answer questions, offer help and advice and really makes you comfortable.If you are looking to join a bootcamp or one on one training I can’t recommended Shane from Green Fitness enough, you won’t regret it.”

Erin from Randwick


” After losing my mum to a heart attack some years back I was looking for an exercise program that would encourage me to workout regularly and keep me in good health.Shane’s outdoor training has really helped me with this goal.”

Michelle Anderson


” Green Fitness has changed my life!! I’ve lost that last 5 kgs I’ve been wanting to lose for years.Thanks to Shane for all your support, motivation, guidance and advice.”

Amiee Rankin


” Great personal training sessions! Mixes it up each time so it’s always different…Really like its cardio & weights so you get fit & toned.The group sessions are also really good, small groups so you get lots of tips and checks during the exercises!”

Joanne Morrison


” I discovered Green Fitness by accident on Facebook and called Shane and decided to bite the bullet and attend the next day. I started boot camp sessions with Shane with a relatively “meh” attitude.In hindsight, if I’m honest, I actually didn’t think that I would stick to it, so much so, that I did not take a “before picture” as I didn’t think I’d be taking a “during” or an “after” picture went with an open attitude, but I probably went with an apprehensive one as well; I didn’t think I’d stick with it, as I’m one of those people who like many, wants a “quick fix.”Shane reassured me that if I combined training with healthy eating and good habits, I would gradually see a change. He pushed me, without being aggressive or negative, though he may have taken a few verbal outbursts from the group along the way!I’m the first to admit, my diet has not been fabulous. I have been using My Fitness Pal to log my daily calories, with Monday to Friday being relatively okay…come the weekend, that’s when the social being inside me emerges! I admit I do like red wine (a lot!), but my intake has reduced since joining Green Fitness.I’d like to feel better about myself for Summer 2013/2014, have clean eating habits and commit to training. I’m recommitting myself to continuing training with Shane, as he’s friendly, approachable, flexible and is willing to take verbal feedback (that’s putting it politely!) from the group. I’ve met some lovely girls though boot camp and the good thing is, we have been able to encourage each other along the way. The group is friendly and welcoming and we’d love to welcome some more newbies to the group.Thanks to Shane’s hard work (and nagging!), I’ve got stronger and fitter, having recently been able to complete shorts runs (6k max). I’m susceptible to injuries (and yes I KNOW… I need to stretch more), so I need to make stretching a habit too over the next few months.So yes, I’m thankful to Shane for giving me that kick up the backside, making me get up in the dark through Winter, grit my teeth and push out another 10 squats when I know it’s going to hurt; he’s persevered and I am going to make that commitment to myself to persevere with my health, fitness and well-being. Without Green Fitness over the last 7 months, I’m sure I would have gained kilos instead of losing them. I’ve lost 17.5 inches overall, so I’m pleased with that… hopefully make it another 17 before Christmas!”

Jade Gin


” Early in the year I took on the Green Fitness 12 Week Challenge and despite thinking otherwise finished it with amazing results. Starting out I was extremely unfit and didn’t think I would be able to do something of this intensity but I was surprised at what the Challenge brought out in me and what I proved to myself I was capable of.The challenge not only trains you physically but also mentally. It was awesome not only feeling fitter each step of the way but being able to see the results in the 3 week weigh ins and fitness tests. I lost “12”inches from my waist and “17 “inches from my belly!! The results are proof of the hard work Shane puts into each and every one of his clients and the diversity and intensity of every one of the training sessions.If you are looking for something that gets results, makes you feel incredible and is also allot of fun then I couldn’t recommend the Green fitness 12 week challenge highly enough!! It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

Peta Lawrence


“For once I actually love getting up to train, I cant wait till the next session! Shane trains you in such an encouraging and positive way that you actually have fun whilst you are pushing yourself to the limit.I feel so much more fitter, stronger, healthier and have a lot more energy.I encourage everyone to try Green Fitness, you will not regret it!!”

Lucie Oniell


” Thanks Shane! You have helped me on my journey to being fit…So much more comfortable exercising with Shane than some other people doing personal training in Randwick”

Wes Histon


“I started personal training with Shane because i was looking for that extra push, Ive always been right into my training but wasn’t reaching my full potential. I found myself going to the gym doing the same exercises week in week out.Shane has taught me so much in the way of new exercises and given me a new drive to reach my goals. I not only found great motivational trainer in Shane but a really good friend and Im always looking forward to our next session”