What Makes An Ideal Group Fitness Training Instructor?


There are a number of factors involved in making a group fitness training session a successful one. Being an instructor you will agree that proper training, discipline and planning makes the class more motivating and encouraging. Over the period of time, you would have experienced to see a group of people standing in front you in which most of them do not want to be there. They have different set of priorities and would have preferred to be eating or shopping somewhere with their friends.

A good instructor is the one who reads their mind in the first place and then motivates them to come out and keep going when they wish to quit. He possesses a specific talent which takes years of experience to cultivate. If the instructor fails to plan properly and has no idea what he has been asking his trainees to do, you would see people burning their calories by cranking their head towards the wall clock to check when this madness would end.

If you have a plan to enroll for group fitness training in Randwick, make sure you look for the following qualities in your instructor:

He is confident

Good instructors usually begin with setting the music, going in front of the class followed by an introduction with a smile on his face and a proper eye contact. This may seem quite pointless in the beginning but it is the instructor who sets the tone of the entire workout. If the instructor is disinterested, rushed, flustered, nervous or simply not confident, the participants will feel quite demotivated. They start giving a second thought about whether to proceed with the training sessions or not. Remember, people always have a lot better things to do than to attend a boring unstructured exercise class and they always look out for an excuse.

He gives quality instructions to his students

This is important because it helps in building tone and stretching the right body parts. Students find it easy to move rhythmically throughout the workout session. An inexperienced or unskilled instructor would begin by turning on the music and say, ‘Here we go! Start! Come on! Move! Go left, go right! Move your leg up! You can do it, C’mon! Turn around!’ This may sound funny in the beginning but this is a glimpse of just five seconds in the class. Contrary to this, a skilled instructor would teach people the right muscles to use and engage,, such as their core, by not just saying, ‘Contract your core!’ The beginners certainly have no idea where and what their core muscles are and how they can activate them.

He knows how to cue

Many people think that it is quite easy to teach and one can start off with 1, 2, 3. This is the biggest sign of an unskilled and untrained instructor. The students tend to get annoyed when the instructor starts with the lower number and then goes forward. He calls to start jumping jacks and begins shouting, “1, 2, 3…” This gives a feeling of an open ended exercise where students fail to visualize the end. This stimulates the feeling of ‘I can’t do it’ among the students. The skilled instructor knows this psyche and therefore starts to count ‘backwards’.

He helps students to communicate

An outstanding instructor helps his students in communicating with each other to break the ice. This is how the students feel well connected with each other as they begin to learn each other’s ‘spots’. Soon you would see students calling others to rush to the class. They may even begin a phone tree or a Facebook group where they encourage their fellow fitness recruits so that even the most ambitious fitness goals can be achieved.

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