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Green Fitness team consists of individuals, who feel particularly passionate about exercising and fitness, and also helping others rediscover their bodies and athletic abilities. Our trainers are qualified professionals with years of experience in the industry and extremely enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated to helping you succeed.Green Fitness was founded in 2013 as a place to offer safe and effective functional training in a supportive and fun environment. The founder of Green Fitness has a Bachelor of education degree with specialization in physical education, 8 years of teaching experience and 6 years of personal training experience.

Green Fitness is not just about providing you with the tools you need to reshape your body. We strive to provide you with an environment that’s both supportive and challenging, so you will be motivated to embrace the change with every single session you attend. We believe that functional training is essential for everyday life and we have developed our training programs specifically to suit different needs and preferences.Rediscover your body, build your strength, flexibility and agility, and start loving your body and yourself with Green Fitness!

Practice What You Preach

Our Team

Shane Green
I am a great believer in ‘practice what you preach’. If you decide you would like to take me on as your trainer/coach, you can be assured that any advice given is advice that I practice daily. How can I expect you to follow my advice if I don’t?
Don’t just take my word for it, have a look at the testimonial page of my website of the things my clients have to say about their experiences. Here’s yet another testimonial from a happy client:
“My original goal when I started with Green Fitness was to improve my endurance and stamina which I noticed was happening within a short matter of time. Along with that I also noticed a weight loss of 3.5kgs and significant increase in my personal strength. I was so impressed with Shane’s training ethics and approach each person’s needs, I got my son who is 17 to join and he is absolutely loving every minute.”
Danny Ishak, Sales Manager

Shane Green - Green Fitness Trainer and Owner